The implementation of trilingualism at school

Global changes in the whole world and especially in our country make create some effective ways in the system of education. One of them is the implementation of trilingualism at schools.

How teachers of our school-gymnasium №3 promote the policy of trilingualism.

As you know trilingual education system supposes:

  • Teaching and learning in three languages
  • Being competent in three languages
  • Development of the country’s competence and its people

Teachers of Kazakh, English and Russian languages, taking new lexics on definite topics, introduce new words and give translation on three languages.

Reading the text students are allowed to convey the understanding on three languages.

In pair or group work students ask questions in English, answer in Kazakh or Russian.

At the end of the lesson students give feedback on three languages.

Delivering integrated lessons, teachers and students have an excellent opportunity

to demonstrate skills in trilingualism, enlarge their knowledge.

The implementation of trilingualism at  our school- gymnasium №3 has the purpose to develop of professional competence of language teachers.

Methods of teaching science-based subjects on the basis of CLIL(Content and Language Integrated Learning) influence on integrated learning approach in English language.

CLIL can become a solution for increasing and maintaining linguistic proficiency of our students in the three languages.

In the framework of the development of trilingual education policy we hold meetings to determine the current status of the implementation of trilingual education policy in the country, to share existing good practices in trilingual education, to discuss the problems of modernization of education. I think the teacher can take Mahatma Gandhi’s saying as a motto in practiceand work, which inspires lifelong learning:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”.

Daumova Zauresh Sakytbaevna,

English teacher of the higher category, attracted coach of the Сenter of Excellence